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        Liberty Children's Home

        We were introduced to Liberty Children’s Home in 2017 by Vera Quinn, who in addition to her hugely successful corporate life, is now the Board Director for Liberty.  Liberty Children’s Home gained its name based on the philosophy of giving children the freedom to be themselves, as well as the freedom from adversities they have had to face in their young lives. From this freedom, our hope is that all Liberty children will have new opportunities for bright and promising futures as adults.

        While the country is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the second highest-per-capita income in Central America, about 50% of all children in Belize live below the poverty line, with poor and neglected children being the most vulnerable.  Liberty Children’s Home provides a safe and caring environment to those who might otherwise have nowhere else to turn. For more on Liberty Children’s Home check out their website here.